What Happens When You Don’t Treat Cavities

It can seem so easy to forget your regular check-up and instead start some natural remedies for dental care. It might seem like a cost-effective move to purchase an expensive power brush instead of scheduling a cleaning. Natural remedies like oil-pulling, gargling peroxide, and stopping sugar cold-turkey can help your dental health. There are many ways to improve your overall dental health, but these should be done in conjunction with professional dental care.

Untreated Cavities Lead to Pain

If you do not have your cavity treated, and in a timely manner, you can expect some pain as it gets worse and the decay moves further into your tooth. Not only is the cavity already present, but it also creates a space for food to stay and lead to plaque and tartar further attacking the tooth. As the cavity reaches the pulp, or soft tissue, the nerves are exposed and the tooth will begin to hurt. At this point you may experience pain when exposed to hot or cold foods and drinks.

Untreated Cavities Lead to Tooth Loss

When you fail to visit a dentist for a cavity, and it’s allowed to worsen, you may be in danger of losing that tooth. Once the decay reaches the pulp, the next stage of decay is infection. When an infection is not treated, the tooth will need to be extracted. The goal of your dentist is always to preserve the smile. Keeping the original teeth is the best way to promote oral health, so it should be your goal, and the goal of your dentist, to avoid extraction by treating cavities when they occur.

Untreated Cavities Lead to Costly Repairs

Whether out of pocket or through insurance, it’s cheaper to treat cavities. Waiting too long to treat a cavity can result in more expensive treatments like extractions, root canals, and implants. If the reason you’re avoiding treatment is due to the cost, it will be worse in the long run. Avoid surgeries, medical complications, and increased cost by treating cavities now.

At Rivas Dental Care we want to help you care for your teeth the most natural way—prevention! The best way to care for your teeth and avoid cavities is to remember your oral hygiene year-round. Schedule your dental checkups, follow your dentist’s recommendations, and remember dental care at home. Brush twice daily, floss once daily, and rinse daily with mouthwash. You can also avoid cavities by talking with your dentist about fluoride treatments, having annual cleanings, and treating decay before it causes more bacteria growth in your mouth.

It’s also important to keep your whole body healthy by maintaining a healthy diet and drinking enough water. During the holiday season, remember to sip water through the day and avoid too much candy and sweets.

When your schedule returns to normal, make an appointment to see your trusted dentist.



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