Love the Gums You’re In…


Your teeth are important to your health. They allow you to eat the proper food in the proper way, and with minimal trouble. Believe it or not, your teeth can even be an indicator of your overall health. In fact if you get frequent gum infections, it can be a sign that you consistently have elevated blood sugars . If your teeth show evidence of grinding, it is a pretty good indicator that you’re stressed and subconsciously grinding your teeth. These are signals that can say “Woah, buddy, something is going on here!”

However, if what you’re dealing with is plain-and-simple neglect of the gums, it’s time to make a change. You might not have a lot of time, but it’s never too late to adopt healthy habits. If you love your smile, you should take care of it. Part of this is the periodontics—the bone and tissue that surrounds and supports your teeth.

Love your gums. Your teeth do.

1. Brush Daily
You should brush your teeth twice daily—but not just your teeth—also your gum line. This is a necessity. Brushing cleans away plaque that can build up and cause acid to eat your enamel and eventually your dentin. It’s when the infection reaches the pulp that real problems can start. Tooth decay is no laughing matter. It’s hard on the teeth, hard on the breath, hard on the gums! Not sure your daily brushing is making a difference? Learn more about brushing your teeth from the Brush DJ himself.
2. Floss Daily
It seems like an obvious fact that a standard manual tooth brush doesn’t quite reach every side of every tooth, yet adults and children alike are experiencing cavities between teeth. Why? Failing to remove the plaque from between the teeth causes a great place for bacteria to settle, and then ruin your teeth. First to go is your enamel, then your dentin, pulp, and suddenly you are having oral surgery when you could have prevented it all with a tiny, inexpensive roll of floss. Some people have been flossing for years and may still have bad habits. For example, you should floss once per day, but make sure it’s at night. Also, you can choose floss string or a floss pick, but if you choose a floss pick you should rinse it after every two teeth. Learn more about how to get the most out of your flossing here.
3. Interdental Brush
Most have heard of tooth brushes and floss, but a product that loves to love your gums is the interdental brush. It’s often used by people who have braces, or who have mobility issues and cannot use floss. However, the interdental brush is often overlooked when it comes to other issues. For example, odd space between the teeth can give you the impressions that you need not floss. Wrong! Even though there is space between the teeth, the brush is still not able to clean between the teeth properly. An interdental brush is perfect for these interdental spaces. Children often experience this odd spacing of teeth at a young age, but a number of adults also experience gaps. Where your teeth are concerned, you’re better safe than sorry. If you have gaps, can’t floss, or don’t like to floss, try an interdental brush. Learn how to use them properly from the pros .

It’s important to care for your gums. In this world of modern medicine, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and even periodontal dentistry you still only get one set of gums! Your gums affect your teeth, your jaw bone, your breath, your comfort, and can even affect pregnancy, and more .

If ever there was a time to start caring for your gums, it’s today. Help your gums take care of your teeth by taking care of them. It takes 2 minutes to clean your teeth properly. So, hum the ABCs, or listen to Aretha Franklin’s Respect. When you’re teeth and gums are healthy, you’ll be glad you did.




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