The Low Down on Toothbrushes & Oral Care Accessories

Pros and Cons of Electric Toothbrushes

One easy way to get the teeth scrubbed is by using an electric toothbrush. Some call them soothing, but others may think they’r excessive and even a hindrance to oral care. Is there a balance?

Electric V. Manual

According to the America Dental Association (ADA) both manual and powered toothbrushes are affective at removing plaque, while there are many obvious benefits for each in their own right. Manual toothbrushes are easy for travel and require no batteries or chargers. Electric toothbrushes either come with a charger that should travel with it, or batteries that can go dead. Electric toothbrushes also cost more than manual toothbrushes, and they do the same job.

Electric Toothbrushes Do It Better

While manual and electric toothbrushes perform the same job, the electric ones do it better. The quality and effectiveness of the product is reflected in the price. While the high price can be considered a negative, the fact remains that they do a better job.

  • Easier to Reach Troublesome Places
    Electrical toothbrushes can help consumers reach those hard to reach spots due to smaller heads and bristles, and a sleek design. They are also easier to hold, due to their larger body. When the head does reach the correct spot, the rotating or pulsing brush cleans more efficiently in less time.
  • Easier to Brush for the Correct Amount of Time
    A common mistake that consumers make is failing to brush long enough. Most electrical toothbrushes come equipped with a timed sequence to insure the teeth are brushed an adequate amount of time.
  • More Fun to Teach Children to Brush
    There are many models of children’s electrical toothbrushes. Some models sing a tune for the length of time the children should brush. Even those that don’t, still help teach children because they enjoy using the powered models, while giving them a thorough cleaning while they are learning to brush properly and may not brush hard enough.

Electrical Toothbrushes Require More

  • Electrical Toothbrushes Need Electricity
    These models of toothbrushes need to be charged or are battery operated. This can be a pain if you forget to charge it, and end up with no power at bedtime. It can also be a nuisance on trips. An option to overcome this annoyance is to keep a manual tooth brush in your travel kit, and leave your electric toothbrush at home.
  • Electric Toothbrushes are Easily Breakable
    Because they use electricity and are equipped with removable/replaceable heads, they can break easily if dropped onto the floor. A good way to prevent this type of damage is to keep them out of the reach of children. Also, purchasing a care plan for your electric toothbrush is a good idea when you buy it. For added security, look for models that have replaceable heads that aren’t too expensive so that you can replace a broken one as needed.
  • Electric Toothbrushes Cost More
    This is not really a downside since electrical toothbrushes do a better job, require more parts, and have fantastic reviews and often come with coupons and accessories. When you research and purchase the model that offers the best benefits for you, then the cost is nothing short of an investment.


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