While many people consider root canals painful, it’s seldom worse than getting a feeling. Root canals are one of the most effective ways of eliminating some kinds of tooth pain.

Root Canal Treatment in Miami, FL.

The worst way to find out that you need a root canal is due to severe pain and an emergency visit to the dentist. When you need a root canal in Miami you don’t have to seek a referral to an endodontist. Choose a dentist that offers a full menu of oral surgery including root canals. A root canal can be an urgent care service and it can also be caught quickly and scheduled in advance for your convenient. It is considered a surgery, but is very similar to a routine filling, and your Miami dentist can schedule yours today.

 Rivas Dental Care offers root canals as part of our full menu of surgical services. Our dentists have been practicing in the Miami area for over 20 years, and our experience tells us that it’s best to salvage a tooth by performing a root canal surgery. By salvaging the natural tooth, our patients can chew efficiently, bite with sensation, have a natural, confident smile, and the surrounding teeth are protected from extra wear and tear. Your dentist will begin with an X-ray, administer anesthesia, remove the infected pulp through an opening in the tooth, and then fill it. Your root canal should then be covered by a crown to protect the tooth.

 When you’re in pain and have a severe infection you don’t have to resort to an extraction right away. Dr. Rivas at Rivas Dental Care is ready to discuss a root canal with you. Choose the dentist that won’t have to refer you to an endontist, that has been practicing in Miami for over 20 years, and who puts your oral health above all else. Contact Rivas today.

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