Just like the rest of the body, the teeth and gums can experience emergencies and injuries that should be addressed immediately. Even if you take good care of your teeth, unfortunate accidents can happen.

When you have a dental emergency you should seek an emergency dentist Miami residents have trusted for decades. Our specially trained dentists have provided a wide range of dental services in Miami and will quickly address any unexpected dental concerns and help you get on the road to healthy teeth and gums. Whether from an accident or sudden infection, seek help immediately to avoid costly infections or repairs in the future.

At Rivas Dental Care we take dental emergencies seriously and will quickly address the most urgent need to restore and protect your smile! Some common dental emergencies we see in the Miami area are:

  1. Extreme tooth pain or infection
  2. Bleeding or swelling
  3. Injury to the teeth, gums, or jaw
  4. Lost or cracked filling
  5. Broken tooth
  6. Broken or missing crown

What may not seem like an emergency can actually cause serious damage to the teeth and gums if left untreated. That’s why our dentists understand the importance of emergency availability. We are able to help diagnose and resolve any emergency problems you may have before they become long-term issues that can require further dental work and potential discomfort.

For any of these emergencies or other alarming concerns you should never wait to have your teeth assessed. Our dentists knows how life can bring unexpected needs and proudly offers emergency dental services for the Miami area. Don’t wait for an emergency to find an emergency dentist. Choose a dentist today that will prioritize your smile when you have an emergency tomorrow. We aim to be the preferred Miami Dentist for all of your cosmetic, preventative and periodontic needs.

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