Top 10 Foods that Cause Cavities


Dental cavities are the most common cause of toothaches. It is caused when the harmful bacteria present in plaque acts upon sugars and produce acids that degenerate and destroy the tooth structure. To stay away from dental cavities and prevent unbearable toothache, you should make every possible attempt to stay away from these top 10 foods that cause cavities.

  1.     ChocolatesThey are one of the most common foods that may contribute to cavity formation due to their high sugar content. It is a refined carbohydrate and can stick into the pits and fissures on our teeth. If we brush after each time we have chocolates, we may reduce the risk of cavities.
  2.     Chewing gum– Kids find it really trendy to chew flavoured gums. Kids and their parents should be aware of the bad effects it can pose as it sticks to the teeth and is loaded with sugar.
  3.     Candies– They come in all beautiful and exotic colours, shapes and sizes but are rich in sugars that happen to flood our system with sugar and coat our teeth surfaces with sugary film. Sugar is attacked by the cavity-causing bacteria leading to formation of acids that destroy the tooth structure.
  4.     Cookies or Cakes– They can look mouth-watering but are full of sugars. As they are a form of processed food, they are devoid of natural fibres. Natural fibres help in keeping the teeth surfaces clean.
  5.     Artificial fruit juices– Many commercially prepared fruit juices look healthy but are harmful for both general and oral health because of the high sugar content.
  6.     Fizzy beverages– They contain carbonic acid that can erode the tooth structure facilitating cavity formation. To balance the sour taste rendered by carbonic acid, loads of sugar are added. So, the fact is that fizzy beverages have a destructive combination high sugar content and acid, both making the oral environment congenial for dental cavities.
  7.     Citrus foods or beverages– The citric acid also has an eroding effect on our teeth. Those who consume a great amount of lime or lemon pickles, lime juice, lemonade or orange juice are prone to undergo teeth erosion. Such patients complain of a feeling of sensitivity on all teeth while consuming anything hot or cold.
  8.     Jellies– The high concentrations of sugar and the sticky nature make them an important cause for cavities.
  9.    Junk food like burgers and pizzas- Since they are mostly bread, it is difficult to wipe the remnants of these foods from the teeth due to their sticky nature. These foods are loaded with refined sugars and lack natural fiber, which increase the risk of cavities.
  10.  Starchy foodsFoods like French fries may look very innocent but have high amount of sugars and can easily occupy the areas between the teeth.  It is always best to avoid such foods. Even if you eat them due to some unavoidable reasons you can rinse your mouth thoroughly with plain water or brush your teeth after the consumption to reduce the risk of cavities.


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