The Truth About Oral Surgery

Do you need oral surgery?

There once was a man who needed oral surgery at the age of 21. He experienced pain in his jaw, cheek, and ear and thought he had better find a dentist’s office. He didn’t have a regular dentist because young twenty-somethings often don’t, and he especially did not have an oral surgeon, nor did he know the difference. He also didn’t have dental insurance, so when he searched for a local dentist, he searched for the cheapest he could find.

The Problem with Cheap Oral Surgery

The man was referred to an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction, but when it was time for his appointment, the man didn’t show up. Eventually his jaw stopped hurting, and the man forgot about his wisdom teeth completely. It wasn’t until ten years later that a dentist mentioned them at all.

“Your wisdom teeth have grown in perfectly. Has anyone ever told you that?” he said.

After the patient explained the decade-old memory of the cheapest dentist he could find, his dentist explained the importance of choosing the right dentist.

If you wouldn’t choose the cheapest hair dresser for your next perm or dye, or feel completely comfortable choosing the cheapest hospital to have a life-saving surgery, you shouldn’t settle for the cheapest dentist either. If you do choose the cheapest option, cheap is exactly what you get.

The Value of Choosing the Right Oral Surgeon

You don’t have to settle for a dentist without the expertise to make decisions about oral surgery. Choose a dentist who is also certified to perform oral surgery. An oral surgeon is a dentist who has completed an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited program for oral surgery. By choosing an oral surgeon, you guarantee that you won’t be referred to an outside provider. You will also get a dentist that not only knows teeth and gums, but specialty areas of the bone, skin and muscle of the face, mouth and jaw. You can also count on your oral surgeon to have training in internal medicine, general surgery, advanced anesthesia, and plastic surgery.

When you choose the right dentist you can also expect affordable care that is valuable, not cheap. You also want to look for an oral surgeon that is experienced and trusted in the field of dental medicine. Finally, choose an oral surgeon that is available to provide for your dental needs.

Rivas Dental Care is Your One-Stop-Dental-Shop

You can count on Rivas Dental Care to provide the best services possible, including: preventative dental care, cosmetic dentistry, corrective, and oral surgery. Our dentists have been the trusted Miami dental professionals for over 20 years, and our staff is even available for emergency care.

Don’t be duped by an inexperienced or unethical dentist. Choose a dentist that you can trust today, and in ten years. Consistent care is as important as prompt and affordable care. We offer it all in a full menu of services for everyone in Miami and the surrounding areas, including our oral surgeries:

  1. Dental Implants
  2. Wisdom Teeth Extractions
  3. Simple and Surgical Extractions
  4. Bone Grafting
  5. Ridge Augmentation

Bonus: Rivas will never recommend a procedure that you don’t need. Your teeth are healthiest in their natural state, and we believe the best care starts at home.

You don’t have to brush all your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep.

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